Did you know that dirt, bugs, tar, road residue, tree gum and sap are just a few of the many contaminants that can eat away at the surface of your investment? If you own an RV, camper, trailer or boat, you know how much enjoyment you get from it.  But the care, maintenance and storage of these vehicles is time consuming and can be overwhelming.  We can clean and wax the exterior and detail the interior so that your recreational vehicle is ready for fun. Let ECTW do it for you so you can make the most of your summer adventures!


Our oversize wash bays ( (20 feet wide, 30 feet high, 140 feet long), will accommodate any size of RV, camper, trailer or boat.  Each vehicle is washed completely by hand and chamois dried by our fully trained technicians. This provides a clean surface and show room shine on the finish every time.


The interior of recreational vehicles and trailers can be as nice as luxury home.  Cleaning the interior the of an RV is similar to cleaning the inside of a house.  There are closets, bedrooms, electronics, bathrooms, and the kitchen that all need special attention.  This makes them extremely difficult to clean without the proper training, tools, and equipment.  This service is recommended to complete at least once a year to keep your home away from home clean, comfortable and looking its absolute best.


Decontaminating and waxing yearly is a crucial part of maintaining your RV, annual waxing will help protect your investment from chipping, fading, oxidization and the harmful effects of UV rays.  Many RVs age rapidly because owners don’t have the facilities or tools to apply any type of protective coating.  But ECTW has both as well as trained technicians who can get the job done in far less time than the average RV owner can on their own.


At the end of the season, we can safely store your recreational vehicle right next door at HEADINGLEY WEST STORAGE, serving Winnipeg and the surrounding regions with secure outdoor storage for vehicles, RV’s, campers and boats year round. Headingley West features 24/7 surveillance cameras, a fully secured compound, asphalt surface and a lighted area for maximum protection of your vehicle; offering competitive and reasonable rates. Inquire about a maintenance / storage package today!